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The Happy Skin Clinic

Silverpreneur: Jacqui de Jager, Role

The Happy Skin Clinic

Jacqui de Jager of The Happy Skin Clinic® and The Happy Skin Gym® came to Shropshire from Buckinghamshire with a career packed with corporate experience and business knowledge. She had previously founded and ran cosmetics and medical aesthetics company, The FAB Practice and was the co-founder of the Brookland Dental Clinic.

She had a fantastic new business idea of setting up a skincare clinic for rural people, as well as a skin gym with one-to-one sessions for improved facial muscle tone and skin health.

“I had family members close by, but no business network. My main aim for joining Silverpreneurs® was to meet local businesses and I love the concept of an organisation that supports mature people in business.”

Jacqui de Jager

She signed up in the summer of 2021 and soon found that the one-to-one sessions with the Silver Experts helped her to put together and implement her new business plan.

Jacqui has already started working with businesses she has been introduced to, and the guidance and advice from the Silver Experts has led to rethink her business plans.

“I was over optimistic with my opening dates. Chris picked up on this and I updated my strategy. I’m experienced at start-ups and directing skincare clinics, having been involved for over a decade. However, this time round I wanted to perform some of the treatments myself which involved extra study.

“It was a big financial decision and I couldn’t afford to fail so I needed to put my all into it. Chris recognised this and helped me manage my own expectations – that was a game-changer. I am now studying for a beauty therapy diploma and to become a face yoga teacher – a first for Shropshire I believe,” she said.

Now Jacqui is planning the launch of her new business with plans to employ a part-time therapist and a self-employed doctor or nurse.

Jacqui has found the support of the Silverpreneurs® programme invaluable in helping her start over again after a difficult few years.

“It’s been so good to meet people that are willing to give up their time to help people like me, and I’ve realised it’s more than okay to take a step back in order to move forward.”

“Chris and Vernon have fought to gain funding for the over-50s, and the Silver Experts and other associates genuinely want to help. All it takes is to reach out and ask for help,” she said.

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