Vernon Hogg

Vernon Hogg

I am a motivated and experienced business leader in the SME sector with a wealth of business and corporate knowledge in managing and developing new and established businesses. 

Very experienced in sales and marketing, managing financial performance and building strategy plans for businesses and enjoy the challenge of overcoming the barriers for future success in business.   

I hugely enjoy working with teams, sharing experiences, and giving people the confidence and support to develop their business.

From escaping the corporate life in 2016, at the age of 54, and developing my own business in supporting entrepreneurs and business owners has been hugely enjoyable and also challenging. I have learnt so much more during this time, having worked in over fifty different sectors now and still being able to add value with every customer.

The Silverpreneurs programme was long in research and development before Covid-19 impacted our lives. We have been in formal research for nearly 18 months. It is now even more relevant to support the over 50 age group as the pandemic will hit our age sector heavily in terms of future employment.

One area from our research which stood out, there was no-where to go for our age group to talk, be understood, be listened to, when seeking guidance and support. We have just changed that. 

We have a great deal to share with you and so look forward to being able to speak to you directly and investigate your potential business/idea. 

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