The importance of your business community

Entrepreneurship can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be a lonely time as a business owner in the ‘over 50s’ bracket, particularly if you’re finding that no one around you is navigating the same challenges of business ownership.

If the COVID-19 years taught us anything, it’s that humans need to feel a sense of connection, and that they thrive with interaction… This is where our Silverpreneurs® business community comes in. Being a part of a strong professional network can give you the tools and confidence you need to face challenges, and ultimately grow your business.

Growth can’t happen in a vacuum:

Our tight-knit business community is a space to share ideas; a sounding board for decisions; a place to gain (and give) valuable feedback. You may find that the fellow business owners you meet as part of your cohort offer you new and unexpected opportunities for growth, and that you can add as much value to the group as you take.

Recent cohort graduate Helen comments, “The community aspect, connecting like-minded individuals navigating similar stages in their entrepreneurial journey, has been incredible.”

Holding yourself accountable is hard:

As many business owners will know, self-discipline is hard. It’s often easier to hold others accountable than it is yourself, and both our SilverExperts, partners and cohort members will rally behind you and keep you motivated to succeed.

Jill commented, “It has made a massive difference to my confidence – just what I needed!”

Your community is a safe space:

When it comes to experience, the 50+ age group bring absolutely invaluable insight to the table. Your group will form a space you can share frustrations or validate your experiences as an older business owner with people who truly understand. It’s also the perfect place to celebrate your wins!

With Silverpreneurs®, your experience doesn’t end upon graduation from the programme. We are keenly developing our alumni programme, with resources to build a real sense of community amongst business owners aged 50 and over in the Shropshire area. Be part of something special; get in touch with us today to find out more.

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